Snippets of News – July 2018

Dear Friends,

As we step into the second half of 2018, we thank God for the wonderful 6 months that have passed and take this opportunity to bring you updates from the last 3 months at PKH.

The Vocational Training Centres at PKH Chbarmon (Training in Hospitality Services) and PKH Aoral (Industrial Skills Course) completed their 1st Term on 19 May and students returned to commence their 2nd Term on 4th June. The 2-week break gave them an opportunity to head home to their families to spend time with them and share what they had learned at PKH.

The students at PKH English School (PKHES) will complete their current academic term in August and in September, the School will be closed for holidays.Enrolment of students for the new academic term starting in October, will start from mid-July.

We hope that the students who are in Grade 12 this year will be focused as they prepare for their final exams, and graduate with good results to advance to the next level of education.

That’s not it. We have MORE good news to share. So, please follow the links below to find out more.

We see good progress in Farming God’s Way ! Yay! I see papaya trees, Kangkong, bottle gourds and soon enough, mangoes!

Let’s move our attention to the upcoming 2018 PKH Tour and Alumni Dinner. This tour is now fully SUBSCRIBED. Another yay! This year’s trip include visits to the various PKH Centres. At PKH Trang, trippers will be able to witness the dedication of the now completed Trang Mission House! Triple yay!!! Just like every other year, we have an alumni dinner as part of the tour and it will be the 5th for this year. For those of you who are unable to join us, do read some of the Life Stories shared at the previous Alumni Dinners. This should be another exciting trip and I look forward to seeing you at PKH if not this year, next year!

Lotsa good news, hey — do continue to support us and stay tuned to our updates!


A Completed Mission House at Trang for Frontier Missions

Whene’er I take my walks abroad,
How many poor I see!
What shall I render to my God
For all his gifts to me?

Not more than others I deserve,
Yet God hath given me more:
For I have food, while others starve,
Or beg from door to door.

How many children in the street
Half naked I behold!
While I am clothed from head to feet,
And cover’d from the cold.

While some poor wretches scarce can tell
Where they may lay their head,
I have a home wherein to dwell,
And rest upon my bed.

Are these thy favours, day by day,
To me above the rest?
Then let me love thee more,
And try to serve thee best.

Isaac Watts

In our world today of 7 billion people, 1 in 3 people have no hope of ever knowing Jesus as they have no access to anyone who can tell them about Him. These are the Unreached People Groups, people who are separated from the Good News by tough geographical, social, language or other barriers.

The very remote villages of Chom Bok, Trang, Koudounthei and Tanil are PKH’s frontier missions to the Suoy community of Unreached Peoples.

In our December 2017 update, we reported that construction had begun on the Mission House on 5 December 2017 and was expected to be completed in 3 months. We are pleased to report that the Mission House was completed on 14 March 2018, just in time for visiting medical and dental Mission teams to conduct health and dental checks for the 350 children and to villagers of the Suoy Community. The Mission House will also provide residence for the Mission staff. PKH gratefully thanks all who gave of themselves to this work through their time, efforts, funds and prayers.


Project Khmer H.O.P.E. English School

On 5th August 2016, PKH signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Kampong Speu Orphan Centre (KSOC) to take over the running of Cambodia Tomorrow School (CTS). This took place in the CTS premises located in Chbarmon, Kampong Speu Province. Ds Bessie Lee, Mrs Ena Chang (PKH Committee member in charge of this new work) and a few members of the PKH Committee and Staff represented PKH. KSOC was represented by its director, Mdm Pol Sokly, and 3 teachers from CTS.

CTS has 3 full time local teachers and is located on the grounds of KSOC with 2 classrooms, a computer lab and an office. With effect from 1 September 2016, the school will be renamed Project Khmer H.O.P.E. English School and PKH will be responsible for the direction, development, management and operations of the school.

CTS was set up in 2008 by a US non-profit organisation to provide English lessons to the orphans in KSOC and the poorer children age 3 to 18 years old from the surrounding community. Students attend the local Khmer public school but come to CTS for English lessons before or after school.

In January this year, PKH was approached by CTS to take over the running of the school as their Board decided to conclude their education programme by the end of the 2015-2016 academic year. Subsequently, PKH Committee members together with Ms Susan Goh (Head of PKH Centre, Chbarmon) visited KSOC and CTS on a few occasions to find out more about their work and how PKH can help. KSOC and CTS are located just behind the PKH Centre at Chbarmon and PKH had not entered into any collaboration with them in the past.

With this MOU, PKH will take over the management of the school with the 3 existing local teachers reporting directly to the Head of PKH Centre. Student recruitment has already started for the new academic year with the intake increasing from 90 to 110 students comprising of 46 from KSOC and 64 from the poorer families in the community. PKH will provide all materials necessary for lessons including school books, school bags, uniforms, stationery and refreshments.

PKH is excited about this opportunity to reach out to the children at KSOC as well as the surrounding community and look forward to integrating the students with joint activities and the weekend Livingstreams Club at PKH Centre.

Construction of Multi-Purpose Hall at PKH Trang – Completed

Hi all,

Late last year 2015, you may have heard about the completed Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH) at PKH Trang. The MPH has been operational for over two months now. The recent registration/admissions for the new academic year at PKH Trang were conducted in this new Hall.

We thank God for the completion of this work of building the MPH.  The roof and supporting structure were erected by contracted workers, while the flooring was done by the PKH Aoral Industrial Skills Course (ISC) youths and children at PKH Trang. We are thankful to all who have contributed to this work, especially:

  • Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) for funding this construction
  • Souvuth, Ngoun Y, Sokha Buntheurn for supervising the construction

Contractors at work.

Brother Souvuth (gentleman in the brown shirt) directed and supervised the work.



ISC youths from PKH Aoral and boys from PKH Trang working hard to lay the flooring for the multi-purpose hall.


The completed MPH.

The SIT Project Cambodia recently made a trip to PKH Trang in late December 2015. To hear about their personal reflections, kindly follow the next post!

Regards, PKHCambodia

Hospitality Block Renovations

The Hospitality Block at PKH Chbarmorn has recently been renovated. Thanks to the renovations team: Francis Tan, Dinah Tan, Irene Lee and Jean Koh. They were at the PKH Centre on 28th September to put the finishing touches. These include an air-conditioning system (donated by members of the team) for the lecture area.

Much of the furniture is patterned after that of the Himawari Hotel. Here are some pictures of the renovations done to the Hospitality Block.