September 2023 Update

Dear Friends of PKH,

We hope this message finds you well. PKH is delighted to share some work which we have accomplished over the past couple of months. Thank you to those who made this possible despite the various challenges faced.

PKH Sports Day

On 8 July, teams from the three centres and Seeds of Hope Childcare competed in friendly soccer matches. PKH Chbarmon (in blue) was the winning team.

PKHES students and 2021-22 PKH graduates also came to participate. The graduates blessed current students with snacks and dinner of fried chicken, sweet potato fries and cola.  Thank God for their love and generosity. Also, for the provision of jerseys for the teams and prizes.

PKH Tour (24 – 27 August)

58 supporters joined the tour and interacted with PKH alumni and their families at the alumni dinner on 24 August. 140 PKH graduates (2006 – 2022) attended the function. It was an evening of remembering and celebrating God’s blessings over the work of PKH in Cambodia and the lives of those who have passed through PKH centres.

The tour visited the three centres on 25 August. In PKH Chbarmon, the visitors were welcomed by the Year 1 English students and watched performances by PKHES. PKH Aoral students were happy to meet the visitors. More than 200 parents came to PKH Trang. They enjoyed watching their children perform for the visitors.

Updates at PKH Centres

PKH Cbharmorn

The fifteen Hospitality students have completed their course. Despite it being the off-peak season, thank God that some have been employed and others accepted for short-term internships.

The Year 1 students finished Term 2 and went home for the term break on 26 August. Teacher Rachel has completed her contract as a temporary English teacher for the Year 1 students.  Thank God for His provision of a teacher for the first two terms for the English department.

PKH English School

English classes are on-going.

2008 PKH graduate Thy Sothea visited the centre again with his staff from his company, Passion Group, on 1 July.  They brought roast duck noodles/rice for all the students and staff for lunch. Thy Sothea shared with the students about his life and experiences after leaving PKH in 2008.

PKH Aoral

In July, the students learnt how to build a chair in carpentry lessons. They also had practical lessons in masonry and painting by participating in improvement works at PKH Trang Centre.

In August, the students completed the electrical work course.

PKH Trang

In July, a survey of the community was conducted, listing every child by name according to their “family book” (the equivalent of the birth certificate).

Parents from 108 households came to register their children who are eligible for before-and-after school care at the centre.  They also provided an update on the whereabouts of their older children.

The current student enrolment is 201 children (aged 5 – 12 years). They come from a total of 7 villages, and are mainly from Chom Bok and Trang Villages.

More than 150 ex-students are young working adults and a number are married with children. Out of the 150, 20% are working in the hotel industry after completing training in ISC or hospitality. Other occupations include a chef, teachers, maintenance staff and bank officers.

As we look ahead, we remain committed to expanding our work here in Cambodia. We invite you to stay connected with us through our various communication channels, including our website and social media platforms, to stay updated on our upcoming projects and events.

To God be the glory.

Yours sincerely,