PKH Tour & Alumni Dinner 2018 coming up this 22 – 26 August, Phnom Penh

This year, the Alumni Dinner will be held in Phnom Penh. Join us as we celebrate with the PKH former graduates and their families, at the 2018 Alumni Dinner, to be held at Raffles Hotel Le Royal.

Some highlights of the program include visiting all of PKH’s expressions of work in Cambodia:

  • Visit PKH Centres and PKH English School
  • See how Farming God’s Way is bearing fruit (and vegetables!)
  • Dedication of the new Trang Mission House
  • Join the congregation of newly renovated Church of Christ our Peace (CCOP) Phnom Penh for Sunday Service
PKH Tour spaces are limited to 40 persons and registrations for this Tour will open to the congregation at St Andrew’s Cathedral from next week.

However, we would like all supporters of PKH to have the opportunity to register for this Tour, right now.

For more information, please email or call (+65) 63376104 ext 133.

We hope you will join us on this trip and we look forward to receiving your registrations.

A Completed Mission House at Trang for Frontier Missions

Whene’er I take my walks abroad,
How many poor I see!
What shall I render to my God
For all his gifts to me?

Not more than others I deserve,
Yet God hath given me more:
For I have food, while others starve,
Or beg from door to door.

How many children in the street
Half naked I behold!
While I am clothed from head to feet,
And cover’d from the cold.

While some poor wretches scarce can tell
Where they may lay their head,
I have a home wherein to dwell,
And rest upon my bed.

Are these thy favours, day by day,
To me above the rest?
Then let me love thee more,
And try to serve thee best.

Isaac Watts

In our world today of 7 billion people, 1 in 3 people have no hope of ever knowing Jesus as they have no access to anyone who can tell them about Him. These are the Unreached People Groups, people who are separated from the Good News by tough geographical, social, language or other barriers.

The very remote villages of Chom Bok, Trang, Koudounthei and Tanil are PKH’s frontier missions to the Suoy community of Unreached Peoples.

In our December 2017 update, we reported that construction had begun on the Mission House on 5 December 2017 and was expected to be completed in 3 months. We are pleased to report that the Mission House was completed on 14 March 2018, just in time for visiting medical and dental Mission teams to conduct health and dental checks for the 350 children and to villagers of the Suoy Community. The Mission House will also provide residence for the Mission staff. PKH gratefully thanks all who gave of themselves to this work through their time, efforts, funds and prayers.


New Academic Term started 26 Feb 2018 with visits by Medical and Dental Teams

PKH started the new academic term on 26 Feb 2018 with 30 Year 2 Students and 75 Year 1 Students for Hospitality Course at PKH Centre Chbarmon, and 24 Students for Industrial Skills Course at PKH Centre, Aoral.

Students are now midway into their first term, and the Medical and Dental teams have made their first trips of the year to attend to the students’ healthcare needs.

In mid-April, the PKH Centres are closed for the Khmer New Year. The students have gone home for the holidays, and we hope they will have a meaningful time with their families.

Project Khmer H.O.P.E. December 2017 Update

Dear Friends,

We are grateful for your continuing support towards the work of PKH; thank you very much.

Enclosed are an information brochure and an update giving the highlights of our work in 2017.

PKH’s residential vocational training was streamlined for more effective ministry to 148 youths. Training for Hospitality Services was conducted at the Centre in Chbarmon, while that for Industrial Skills took place at the Centre in Aoral.

At the Centre in Trang, a pilot vegetables farming project was started. “Farming God’s Way”, an international non profit organisation which helps poor communities to acquire skills in farming, led us in this work and the initial results of the project (much improved crops and harvests) are very encouraging. In the near future, PKH hopes to share this knowledge with villagers in the Tropengchou Commune.

In this update, we tell a short story of a former PKH graduate, Chhoun Udom, to show your support towards PKH brings improvements to the lives of the poor.  We trust that you will be encouraged by his testimony.

Thank you for helping the poor in Cambodia, and may God bless you, always.

Wishing you a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Yours sincerely,
Bessie Lee