Between 1975 and 1979, more than 1.5 million Cambodians, or one third of Cambodia’s total population were massacred by Pol Pot and his communist Khmer Rouge. The enforced hardships and starvation drew the country’s economic, manufacturing, education and healthcare systems to a standstill. The effects of that era are still felt in present-day Cambodia.

It remains one of the poorest nations in Asia, with 34% of its people surviving on less than US $1 a day. One in 8 children dies before their fifth birthday, while 50% of all Cambodian children are malnourished. To increase family income, there is an estimated 600,000 children aged 5-17 years and 2,000 street children working in Phnom Penh. Another 15,000 spend more than 6 hours a day scavenging and begging.

The lack of education is a grave concern of Cambodia where more than half of its 13 million people are under the age of 18. 65% of Cambodian children are enrolled in primary schools, only 24% are enrolled in secondary schools.


  • 1999

    Micro-project: Pig farming

    It all began with a pig farming micro-project.

  • 2000

    Chicken Farming Micro-project and Fund-raising Bazaars held at St. Andrew's Cathedral

    PKH started a Chicken Farming Micro-project and held 2 fund-raising Bazaars in the grounds of St. Andrew's Cathedral in April and November 2000.

    PKH also partnered with Full Gospel Assembly Cambodia to support an additional 40 children.

  • 2001

    Commenced funding for Seeds of Hope Dormitory

  • 2002

    Signing of the MOU between the Royal Government of Cambodia and PKH

    Since 2 January 2002, PKH is registered as an international non-governmental organization in Cambodia.

    On 2 May 2002, Seeds of Hope Childcare Girls' Dormitory was officially opened.

  • 2003

    Construction of the PKH (Anglican) Centre, Chbarmorn commenced

  • 2004

    Official Opening of the PKH (Anglican) Centre, Chbarmorn

    The PKH (Anglican) Centre, Chbarmorn was officially opened on 17 September 2004.

  • 2005

    PKH Vocational Skills Training (English, IT, Hospitality Services) and PKH Healthcare Clinic commenced in March

  • 2006

    First batch of PKH trainees placed out in training attachments / jobs in June

  • 2007


    Construction of PKH Mission House in Aoral District was completed in December 2007

  • 2008

    Commencement of regular PKH Mobile Clinic at 3 health-posts in Aoral

  • 2009

    Construction of the new Seeds of Hope Childcare Dormitory Building was completed in Dec 2009

    PKH started providing English classes to students held at PKH Chbarmorn Centre.

  • 2010

    New course on Industrial Skills commenced at the PKH (Anglican) Centre, Chbarmorn in Mar 2010

  • 2011

    Commenced 3-year pilot project at Chom Bok Primary School

    PKH commenced a 3-year pilot project at Chom Bok Primary School involving the construction of teachers' living quarters, expanding the facilities at the School and providing the poor children of Unreached Peoples Group (Krung and Suoy) with primary education, English and Bible lessons and 1 meal per school day.

  • 2012

    Construction works commenced to expand the facilities at PKH Mission House in Aoral

  • 2013

    Commenced PKH Vocational Skills Training at PKH (Anglican) Centre, Aoral

    Beginning May 2013 at PKH Aoral, PKH started providing training for up to 50 young men and women. The PKH Centre, Aoral was officially opened on 26 July 2013.

  • 2014


    Official opening of PKH Trang Centre on the 24 Oct 2014

    The construction of the PKH Centre Trang Mission House was completed in March 2018 and officially opened on 24 October 2014. PKH Trang provides 1 meal daily for 6 days a week, lessons in English and Bible Knowledge.

  • 2016


    Took over from Cambodia Tomorrow

    The work of conducting English tuition to 110 children, comprising orphans at the Kampung Speu Orphan Centre (KSOC) and other poor children from the Chbarmorn community.

    The PKH English School was inaugurated on 1 Sep 2016.

  • 2017

    Commenced construction of the new PKH Centre, Trang Mission House

  • 2018

    Construction of the PKH Centre Trang Mission House was completed in Mar 2018

  • 2023

    PKH English School relocated to PKH Chbarmorn