May 2023 Update

Hello, hello, hello! It’s time for another exciting update from PKH! We’ve got a lot to say to you, so grab a coffee and let’s dive into all that has happened at PKH.


On 8th April, students from Chbarmorn Centre, ISC students from Aoral Centre and PKHES students gathered together to celebrate the Khmer New Year. It was a special day of fun and games organised by the Living Streams pastors.

Due to a recent downpour, a palm tree fell through the kitchen roof at the Chbarmorn Centre. Thankfully, no one was hurt. We are now in the midst of restoring the roof and the kitchen.


Students at Aoral were at work! Thanks to online lessons delivered by our fellow volunteers (Shaun, Julia, Gavin and Tuck Hway)!


Recently, we had additional students from other neighbourhoods who attended the morning classes at Trang Centre. Despite a six week public holiday declared by the Cambodian government in view of the SEA Games held between 5-17 May 2023, students were still keen to learn and turned up for classes!

Recent heavy downpours have resulted in quite some flooding in the dining area. So, we are now in the midst of erecting a wall at the dining area with stones which were collected from the nearby mountain.

PKH English School

Students are due to take their English end term test on the 17 and 18 May. We hope the students will be able to do well for the test and following that, enjoy the term break which begins on the 20 May.