Vong Pichey

I am Vong Pichey, I am 26 years old. I am second child in my family. I was born in Prey Veng province.I live with my grand mother from 1-22 years old. My mother no time to look after me because she is construction worker and my father left when I started school.When I was 17-18 years old one organization support me to operate my leg. My legs had polio when I was 6 years old.During hospital operation, Dr said you have to take 6 months to heal your leg.That time in my family had many problems at home so I only spent one month in hospital. I came home with my legs painful. My mum did not look after me only my grand mother when I was in hospital.Until I am 22 years old I left my grand mother to live with my mum in Kompong Speu province. My mum live in my brother in law’s house.I follow my brother in law to sell charcoal.One trip 2-3 days I got 30000Riels or USD7.50.

One day my neighbours (Reach’s brother ISC 2016) saw me and told me about PKH centre. When I heard about this news I really wanted to study to have skills and job for my life.Thanks God after my interview I passed.When PKH centre Chbarmorn started class, I studied one week andI feel sad because I dont like many people noise, I shy my friends, my study not good. I asked permission to leave the PKH centre.After I left the PKH nearly one week, I feel not good to my life. I try to called teacher Souvuth, could I go back to PKH centre? So teacher Souvuth said yes but let him check with teacher Susan first. So teacher Susan told teacher Souvuth Yes.Thanks our Mercy God Jesus to called me back.

After I came back, all my friends love me and happy to see me back .From that day on I can completed my study. Then I went to train and work at Dara hotel as a P.A.. After 3months I past my probation and then the hotel move me to Imperial hotel, a new hotel.So now I am very happy with my work and can learn many things from hotel and meet many good friends. I not feel lonely like before.

When I think again if no PKH centre I will not have chance to work in beautiful hotel.Let me thanks to PKH centre, teachers, and staff. If no PKH centre, I no hope.On behalf of my friends, thank God also for supporters that support my friends and I to have skills, job, work and salary to help ourselves and families.

Vong Pichey
Public Attendant (P.A.)
Imperial Hotel, Phnom Penh
September 2016