Vanh Sokhorn

My name is Vanh Sokhorn. I come from Kampong Speu Province. I’m 24 years old. In my family I have only my mother and myself. My father passed away when I was young. I am the only child. My mother she is quite old around 56 years and she is a housewife. She has an illness like a person who always think so much about family. Sometimes she tries to help the villagers plant rice and get some money to support me when I was still in school. I was borned in so poor and we are staying in small house that is made of palm leaves and branches. There is no floor or room and it is so difficult to live in the house because when the rain comes everywhere leaks and the rain just comes in. My mother has to buy some rice every month and when I draw out some money, I would send to my mother to buy some medicine. I could only finish my studies at Grade10 and I really wanted to complete my studies but my mother alone could not have any money to support me. Fortuantely I heard good news from Brother KaKada in the village who was studying at PKH Centre and he told me everything in this school is free. PKH provides nice rooms for students to stay, good food, good teachers and staff to take care of the students. Students will learn Hospitality course like Front Office department, Food and Beverage Department and Housekeeping department as well. I love everything in PKH so much and it feels like my second warmest home that I can never forget . I graduated in 2014. After that my teacher brought me and others for the interview at Sokha Phnom Penh Hotel. I was told to apply for Front Office department as she would like me to try first. I was so worried because I felt my English is not good enough but then I followed her . I”m very happy that I could pass the interview as a Call Centre Officer. I love my job so much and I gained much experiences for 2 year. Then I moved to Rosewood Hotel as a Receptionist and I was there for 1 year. During that time I was offered to work for a Chinese company as a translator and they offered me U$400 salary. Unfortunately, I was not paid any money after working for a month there as they accused me of cheating and not translating correctly. The Chinese owner kicked me and slapped me because of a guest who accused me of lying and not speaking the truth. I’m so happy and thankful that God helped and saved me from these gangsters. God helps a lot of poor Cambodians to have a chance to study and also God helped me to become a good son and I can now support my mother . Without Him I’m nothing . Many thanks to God and all teachers and staff who always help to care for me . In my class I was the last one who got baptised before I left the centre to start work in the hotel.

Today I am working as a Front Desk Agent at the Royal Sands Island Resort in Sihanouk Ville.

Vanh Sokhorn
Front Desk Agent
Royal Sands Island Resort
Sihanouk Ville
September 2014