Srey Chandara

My name is Srey Chandara, I am 25 years old. And I am now working in Himawari Hotel and Apartments, Phnom Penh, as a receptionist. I am happy with my work especially with team work. My boss, Mr. Andrew Tay always love and care for us.

I am the only child in my family. I live with my mother and my grandmother. My father passed away when I was three months old. My family is not Christian. Since I have studied in PKH (in 2010/2011) the best thing I understand is the love of God shown by my lovely teacher Susan and all the teachers, staff and friends at PKH.

I would like to give thanks to God and all the supporters from Singapore that love and care for young poor Cambodians like me that had no hope at all.

Srey Chandara
Himawari Hotel & Apartments
September 2015