My name is Rotha, I am 26 years old.I come from Phrea Vihear Province.I was born into a big family. We have 8 siblings, 6 sisters and 1 brother . I am the 7th member in my family.

My mother is a housewife , My father retired many years ago and all my brothers and sisters are farmers. I have completed grade 9 and then I decided to stop my studying because my study is not so good . My family is poor and so I helped my family to work at our farm for a few years but our farm supporting not enough for my family so I decided go to work in Thailand as a construction worker. I worked there for half a year and the work was very hard. I got benefits so low so I decided to come back to work as a farmer with my family again . During that time I heard about PKH school from my cousin, Savet who was studying bible school in Phnom Penh. He old me this school provides a chance for poor people in Cambodia to study free, stay there with meals, and it is the best school to study in English, hospitality and skills to work in hotels. All the students study there for 1 year or 2 years and then go out to work. I decided to study there in 2009. When I stepped in to PKH and lived there ,I learned about Jesus Christ. Before, I also have heard about his name but just know he is a good God ,he can save us from this world to heaven but I did not understand anything about Jesus.

When I was studying and living at PKH I could see Jesus through the Christians like the teachers at PKH, staff ,pastors students, and friends .They have hope from God , are loving, caring for each other so much as one family . And they are full of encouragement to each other.

On Saturday and Sunday I worship Him and study God’s word at PKH so I start to know him more and more about God. I started to obey Him and follow Him and then my life started to change. My life was not like before . I feel I have a new life again at PKH with Jesus and now I am a Christian , I trust in him and I receive him as my savior from now on for ever.

After PKH, I went to Siem Reap and did my training attachment in Housekeeping at Le Meridien Angkor. I became a permanent staff member and then transferred to F&B as a Service waiter. Now I am a Bell driver in Front Office. I am also married to another PKH graduate Savun and we had a Christian wedding. We are expecting our second child. My wife Savun is also working in the hotel in Le Meridien in Siem Reap.

I would like to say thanks to God for everything that he has done for my life and my country .Thank you for your blessing on PKH,all supporters ,teachers,staff,and all PKH students for always providing what we need, Thanks so much to all supporters of PKH, teachers, staff and all students for your working hard and loving ,caring ,always encouraging us. Especially I want to say thanks to teacher Susan who loves us like her children and always look after us, caring about us all the time whether we are in or out of PKH.

In Rotha
Front Office Bell Driver
Le Meridien Angkor
September 2015