Prak Odom

Prak Odom (second from right) in photo before an interview at Dara Airport Hotel in 2015

My name is Prak Odom. I am 24 years old and I live in Phnom Penh. I am working at Dara Airport Hotel as a Receptionist. I am an orphan and I have no siblings, but I had my foster mother. She told me that I was picked up in the dust bin.

I have heard about the gospel of Jesus since I was 3 years old but I did not really know what the gospel is. My foster mother always brought me to the church every Sunday, but I also do not know she believed in Christ or not.

My foster mother took care of me until I was 16 unfortunately she passed away and I just finished grade 8 and she also had no family. After that I had to find many jobs to support myself by working as a construction worker, a factory worker and a welder and etc… I felt that I was like a vagabond after I lost my foster mother. I was very hopeless with my miserable life even though that I know Christ. I tried to pray very hard and wait for God to answer my prayers. I really wanted to study more but I did not have enough money. After praying and working one year I heard that there was a Chinese Temple to study without paying for the fee, but all the students need to obey their culture and their gods. Then I decided to stop work and study in that Chinese Temple. After 3 months I was tempted by their words and gods. They told me to stop following Jesus and I also followed them. That was a very big mistake in my life I have burned the Holy Bible that I always kept with me. After the next 3 months I have learned all their cultures and followed their ways. I started to forget Jesus. When I was in that Chinese Temple I always woke up at 5am to boil the tea to pray to their gods, but one day I was woke up late. They punished me and hit me until I could not bear and I decided to leave that Chinese Temple. I did not know where to go. I was sitting, crying under a big tree and thinking of where to go suddenly I remembered of my pastor that I have known her since I was young. After that I went to her house and asked her to stay for a few days but she said that I could stay with her until I found a job or a school to study. That time I was very speechless because I know that God was called me back. Even though I was wrong but the Lord never forsakes me.

After staying with my pastor for one year, she recommended me to study at PKH Center. I have spent one year and a half to study the 3 departments like, Housekeeping, F+B and Front Office department and the most important thing is the word of God. My faith has grown up because of the PKH and all the Teachers that always take care and pray for us even though we are far apart.

I want to thank God that sent all the good teachers and staff to PKH, without Jesus I am nothing.

Prak Odom
Dara Airport Hotel, Phnom Penh
September 2015