Pov Vicheka


My name is Pov Vicheka.I was a PKH Hospitality student in 2010. I was successful in my very first interview and got a good job after graduation. But later on there were many problems in my life until I don’t want to see anyone. I felt like in the wilderness. I had the problem with my job and my family. I wanted to give up and not work in the hotel anymore. After my father passed away, more burden came upon me. I needed to find money, needed to solve all the problems in my family at the same time my personal problems too. I was very depressed and give up everything even not want to be alive.

I prayed to God, sometimes teacher Susan encouraged me. My mother is a strong Christian, she always cried to God for me. One day there was a sound from God and He told me to be stronger and walk forward. He will be with me. I started again to find job. Now I have a job in the hotel as an Assistant Front Office Manager.

I am very thankful to God who never leaves me. I can support my family and have a small land that I never have before in my life. Everything even good or bad is His blessing. Moreover, I never forget PKH who gave me the knowledge so I can work to get the money for my family and myself.

Pov Vicheka
Assistant Front Desk Manager
Lemont Hotel, Phnom Penh
September 2010