PKH Trang Mission House Update

Here are some pictures of the Trang Mission House, the construction of which was made possible by your support and prayers. In some of these pictures, we can see our Industrial Skills Course (ISC) students helping with the finishing touches including varnishing and constructing false ceilings, under the supervision of our ISC teachers.

PKH Trang Mission House
Completed PKH Trang Mission House.
ISC Boys Varnishing
ISC boys varnishing the upper deck of Trang Mission House.
Gypsum boards delivery
While delivering the gypsum boards to PKH Trang Centre, the vendor’s vehicle got stuck in the soft sand. This is one of the many challenges of constructing a building in the less developed areas of Kampong Speu Province.
ISC Boys
ISC boys installing the support frames for the false ceiling.
ISC Boys - 2
ISC boys installing the gypsum boards.