Men Vichea

I am Men Vichea and now I am 31 years old. In my family I am the first child of 14. My mother and father are simple people and we live in Phnom Penh. My parents sew buttons and sell things to have some money to feed the family. When I was a baby, I had very high fever and my right eye was damaged. My family had no money for operation to change a false eye for me until I was older. I believed and follow Jesus when I was 15 years old.

When I stopped school at Grade 10. I help find money by working in the market, putting chickens that are slaughtered in hot water and then I have to pluck out all the feathers. I do not get any money but I get to bring a chicken home after one day’s work.

Fortunately I got a chance to study at PKH in 2006. I looked very thin and sickly with a blind eye and broken spectacle. I thank God that I was very poor in English but I got a chance to study Housekeeping in September 2006 (third term). After that I had my training at Phnom Penh Hotel and became a staff as a Public Attendant. In 2010 I was moved to be a Spa Attendant in the health club at Phnom Penh Hotel. In 2013 I took care of a guest who fell in the hotel and he brought me and my friend to work in China. I worked as a Receptionist and did many jobs. I got the chance to learn Mandarin and now I can speak a little Mandarin.

In 2016 I came back to Cambodia and I thank God I had money for my father who was sick and needed operation. But my father has now passed away. Then I worked at Tinno Home, a Japanese company and I was in Sales and Marketing. Now I have a new job in a new hotel called Lumiere Hotel in Phnom Penh. I work there as a Receptionist. I thank God that I have job and money to change my eye every three years. I thank God that PKH and T Susan helped me to have a better life now. Thank you God for PKH!

Men Vichea
Lumiere Hotel, Phnom Penh
September 2006