Long Samniengpol

Pol (in front) in hospitality class (photo taken in 2011)

My name is Long Samniengpol. I am 24 years old, yet still look very young. I am from Kampong Speu Province of Cambodia. I am from a simple family. I have an older and younger brother and one younger sister. My dad is a soldier and my mum was a garment factory worker. My mum passed away in 2013.

In 2009 I accomplished my grade 12. After high school, I was so confused. I wanted to move on to university but my family was not able to support since my younger siblings also needed support for their schooling. So for almost 3 months, I was wandering and thinking about what’s next. Then it was the time when Project Khmer H.O.P.E.(PKH) came to me. The father of an ex-student named Chandamony, told my dad about her after PKH. So I decided to go to PKH and passed the admission interview.

I learnt a lot of things at PKH; it provided me with knowledge and skills. One of the greatest things and what I will always remember, is the opportunity to know, to understand and to feel God. I was not a believer but here is how I became one. During the 2 years training at PKH, from day to day, I saw the love of God through teachers and staff. And every weekend I had a chance to worship and hear more about God and His word. Until the last year before leaving PKH, I decided to be baptized. The love of God is so powerful.

Finally, thank you for your time to listen to my sharing. I hope it can be of help or encourage others. I am really, really thankful to God for everything I am today and whatever I will be in the future. May the Lord our God be glorified. God bless you.

Long Samniengpol (Paul).
Receiving Officer in the Finance Department
Le Meridien Hotel
September 2015