Hor Sokheng

My name is Hor Sokheng. I am from Takeo Province. I have 5 siblings and parents. I am the second son of my family, and I studied to Grade 10 in school. My family does not have money to support me to study more, that is why I have decided to stop studying.

I found a job to do in Phnom Penh by myself and worked as a construction worker there for three months. Later my mother told me about PKH school in Kompong Speu Province. I go to interview with Teacher Souvuth, and after that I heard that I passed the interview.

I went to study at PKH in the Industrial Skills Course for nine months, and after I finished study at PKH Centre, I went for 3 months training in maintenance at Raffles Hotel Le Royal. After I passed the training, I became a permanent staff, and I crossed training in Housekeeping for three months. After that I was transferred to Stewarding and work there for two years now. Also, I bring my uncle to work with me as steward.

Hor Sokheng
Raffles Hotel Le Royal, Phnom Penh
September 2013