Hok Sophea

Hello, I’m Hok Sophea, I was a PKH student in 2005. I’d like to share what God has done for me.

Before coming to PKH, I worked on a farm, feeding fish, ducks and chickens. God really blessed and helped me so that I could pass the test to study at PKH. At that time, I just knew a little English.

I learnt a lot at PKH, not only English, but also to be a good person: how to work in a group, to share, help and love each other, to be humble and patient. I had a great time and got to know God too.

I completed the Hospitality Course in 2006. However, as my father passed away from a stomach surgery, leaving me the sole breadwinner to care for my aged mother and my siblings, I was not able to carry on with further training and a job in the hotels. PKH gave me a job to work with Dr Bun Rong in the healthcare work in Aoral. I gained knowledge and experience from working with PKH.

After some time, I got married to Srey Neang, also a former PKH student. Much later on, we started a small motor repair shop at Kampong Speu market. Today we have a bigger motor repair shop.

Now my life has changed from a worker to being a boss in my own business. I also have a pretty wife, Srey Neang and we have two lovely children, a son and daughter. We are not rich but neither are we poor anymore. I’m happy with what I am now.

Thanks to PKH and our God, without whom I really don’t know what my life would be. Lastly I want to give thanks to God, that He sent such very good teachers and staff, especially for all donors from Singapore and overseas who spend their time and own property to help me and our Cambodian people.

Hok Sophea
Owner of Motor Repair Shop
Kampong Speu
September 2015