Dorn Samnang

My name is Dorn Samnang.I’m a Christian. I’m 23 years old and the youngest child in my family. I live with my mother, my sisters and brothers altogether 6 peoples for my father passed a way.

Before I came to PKH for the Industrial Skill Course, I was a college student majoring in Civil construction year 1 at the Nation Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia. During my college, I was fully supported by my mother. She had to loan the money from the Microfinance company for me to study.

When I was in Semester 2 of year one study, I was realized that my mother can’t afford me to continue anymore for year 2 because I had to spend a lot of money everyday and especially the tuition fee and I also had no time to work for money to support myself.

By having much thoughts to all these problems, I started praying to God always, to help me and show me how to solve these problems.

One day I heard on the broadcasting of 99.5 Radio station about the Project Khmer Hope for the new 2017 admission. After hearing the news I didn’t hesitate to contact and asked for more information and happily decided to register and took the Industrial Skill Course at Aoral Centre.

I felt happy and very warm since the very first day I stepped into PKH. and it make me amazing to see the construction site of the building which was built and designed by Singaporean engineer and architect. as the ex-construction students at college of year 1, it is a mazing and very attractive to me.

After spending 9 months in PKH, I have learnt many things such as; the truth of God from Pastor teachers brothers and sisters and especially I have learnt many new things which I like and had never learnt them before and I also knew what team work is and how to work in team.I do want to say that PKH is the most warm place to stay and study.

After finish the 3 terms study, all students were arranged to do the training in the different Hotels like; some at Sokha Beach Hotel,. while some to Himawari Hotel….. as for myself at the Raffle Le Royal Hotel and after 3 months of training I became a permanent staff in the Hotel in the Maintenance department.

At last, I would like to give praise to God who answered my prayer requests and so thankful to teachers , pastor , brothers and sisters who has put their time to train and guide us in the right ways and also deep thanks to donors who donate to PKH so that Cambodian Youths have chance to study the technical skills for our bright future.

May the grace of God be continued to the needs for ever.May God bless !!

Dorn Samnang
Maintenance Department
Raffles Le Royal Hotel, Phnom Penh
September 2017