Chann Thoeurn

My name is Chann Thoeurn, I am from Svay Rieng Province. Nowadays I live in Siem Reap with my wife and I am working in Siem Reap at Angkor Paradise Hotel in the front office department.

Allow me to brief you about myself. After I finished my studies at grade 12 in 2006, I went to Phnom Penh to look for a job but I could only work at the construction site. Everyday I spent eight hours working under the sun and I could get only eight thousands riel per day and I have pay five thousand per day for my food. I tried to look for an office job in the company but they did not accept me even though I could speak a bit of English due to my not having any experience. I spent many months working in Phnom Penh and I could save nothing. I decided to go back home and help my family to work at the rice fields.

One day there was a Pastor who works in the church where I used to study in English with him everyday during my high school time and he told me that PKH could help me to change my life. He then brought me to PKH for an interview. God opened the way for me even though I was unsuccessful the first time.

I spent one and half years in PKH studying English and Hospitality and I gained a lot of knowledge especially getting to know more about God. Every Saturday and Sunday we had Livingstreams Club and Sunday School.

When all the students finished their second year course Teacher Susan brought me and some of my friends for interviews at Le Meridien Angkor Hotel. We all passed our interview in different departments and I started to train in the Front Office as a Doorman, Bell Boy, Receptionist and Reservations but after training I did not pass. Teacher Susan called me to go for interview at Sunway Hotel in Phnom Penh as Receptionist and I decided to go even though I did not know where the hotel is.

I went for the interview alone with Human Resource (Mrs. Sopha) and the Front Office Manager Mr. Many Young. They gave me a job as a Receptionist and as a permanent staff too. I worked for Sunway from 2008 and saved some money for my family and I also saved to study at the University at night. At the end of September 2012 I joined Naga World Hotel as Front Office Supervisor then I moved to work at Angkor Paradise Hotel as Assistant Front Office Manager from January 2013. After seven months they promoted to be Front Office Manager and now they just promoted me to be Room Division Manager at Angkor Paradise hotel.

I know that without God and PKH, I have nothing. He is always guiding, protecting and blessing me all the time. I really thank God for changing my life and my family.

Once again I want to say a very big thank you to all teachers, the staff at PKH and especially all the supporters who always donate your own money to PKH to help the young poor Cambodian’s people from difference provinces including me. Your giving through PKH has changed our life to be better and better. May God bless you and protect your family with the full of love and joy and may God be with you always.

Chann Thouern
Rooms Division Manager
Angkor Paradise Hotel
September 2015