Snippets of News – July 2018

Dear Friends,

As we step into the second half of 2018, we thank God for the wonderful 6 months that have passed and take this opportunity to bring you updates from the last 3 months at PKH.

The Vocational Training Centres at PKH Chbarmon (Training in Hospitality Services) and PKH Aoral (Industrial Skills Course) completed their 1st Term on 19 May and students returned to commence their 2nd Term on 4th June. The 2-week break gave them an opportunity to head home to their families to spend time with them and share what they had learned at PKH.

The students at PKH English School (PKHES) will complete their current academic term in August and in September, the School will be closed for holidays.Enrolment of students for the new academic term starting in October, will start from mid-July.

We hope that the students who are in Grade 12 this year will be focused as they prepare for their final exams, and graduate with good results to advance to the next level of education.

That’s not it. We have MORE good news to share. So, please follow the links below to find out more.

We see good progress in Farming God’s Way ! Yay! I see papaya trees, Kangkong, bottle gourds and soon enough, mangoes!

Let’s move our attention to the upcoming 2018 PKH Tour and Alumni Dinner. This tour is now fully SUBSCRIBED. Another yay! This year’s trip include visits to the various PKH Centres. At PKH Trang, trippers will be able to witness the dedication of the now completed Trang Mission House! Triple yay!!! Just like every other year, we have an alumni dinner as part of the tour and it will be the 5th for this year. For those of you who are unable to join us, do read some of the Life Stories shared at the previous Alumni Dinners. This should be another exciting trip and I look forward to seeing you at PKH if not this year, next year!

Lotsa good news, hey — do continue to support us and stay tuned to our updates!


PKH Trang Mission House – Update No. 2

Here are some pictures of the Trang Mission House, the construction of which was made possible by your support and prayers. In some of these pictures, we can see our Industrial Skills Course (ISC) students helping with the finishing touches including varnishing and constructing false ceilings, under the supervision of our ISC teachers.

PKH Trang Mission House

Completed PKH Trang Mission House.

ISC Boys Varnishing

ISC boys varnishing the upper deck of Trang Mission House.

Gypsum boards delivery

While delivering the gypsum boards to PKH Trang Centre, the vendor’s vehicle got stuck in the soft sand. This is one of the many challenges of constructing a building in the less developed areas of Kampong Speu Province.

ISC Boys

ISC boys installing the support frames for the false ceiling.

ISC Boys - 2

ISC boys installing the gypsum boards.

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Farming God’s Way – Update No. 2

Papaya Trees

Papaya Trees growing well at PKH Trang Centre.


It is rainy season in Cambodia and good for growing Kangkong and bottle gourds.

Mango Trees

28 mango trees have been planted at Trang, and we look forward to them bearing much fruit in a few years time.

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