Seng Sokhun

My name is Seng Sokhun. I am from Takeo Province. I have four brothers at home. Before I passed my school, I wanted to go to Pusat Province with my uncle to learn wood or marble carving. But after I know my result, I had passed, and I also get scholarship to go to Batdombong Province to do banking. But my mother has no money to support me for study. I have no father.

So I go to Phnom Penh to find work to save money for studying University. I work in factory and after I worked there around 4 months, I had a chance to know about PKH and I can also study Industrial Skills at PKH.

After I finish PKH and training in Cambodiana Hotel for 3 months, I was a staff in the hotel, and worked there for 1 year. I wanted to find another better job, and one day, I met a Korean man and he wanted me to work as electrical manager for him. So I went to Korea to work there for one year and I can become general manager in his company in Cambodia afterthat. But now I try to make my company myself because I know many things about how to make a company now.

Now I try to make coolroom company with electric. I thank God I can sell my coolroom and electric more and more, and I plan to finish processing to make company. I try to sell my coolroom because if I sell well, Korea will make factory in Phnom Penh to make the machine, and I will be CEO in this factory. I will also export my product to other countries like Laos, Vietnam and Thailand. This is my plan, although I have not yet finish University.

Seng Sokhun
Eletrical Manager
Phnom Penh

September 2013