This year 2020, marks the 20th Anniversary milestone for PKH! Time flies and we are already in 2020! So, do check out the history timeline in ‘Our Journey‘ page to see how PKH has evolved through the years, all thanks to your kind and generous support. To commemorate this milestone, we will be having a special dinner event in Singapore but we are still in the midst of firming up the dates. So, do look out for further announcements from our ‘Events‘ Page! It is also about time we have our own  Facebook page and yes, we finally have one! Woohoo! So, do like us and follow us for more updates.

In the meantime, work continues for 2020 and we have several aims namely:

  1. Equip up to 170 youths with vocational skills – up to 170 youths, at the PKH Centres in Chbarmorn and Aoral.

  2. Provide 200 children (mainly Suoy people) with daily meals, English tuition and Bible Knowledge.

  3. Teach English to 100 poor orphans and poor children at the PKH English School and enabling half of them to enrol in computer classes.

  4. Support up to 30 orphans / street kids at the Seeds of hope Childcare / Orphanage.

  5. Refurnish former ISC block at Chbarmorn to accommodate more students for vocational training.

So, let’s give our utmost!
I wish you a blessed and fruitful year!

Warmest regards,
PKHCambodia =)