Christmas Celebration at PKH Trang, 2015

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year to all!

I hope you had a joyful celebration with your friends and family.

At PKH Trang, there was a Christmas Celebration held at the Multi Purpose Hall, PKH Trang Centre. Miss Deborah Teo, Co-ordinator for the Teaching of English in Trang was kind enough to share with us some photos and activities carried out during that celebration.

” We had songs, a drama sketch, narrating the birth of Jesus, traditional dance and a sermon. Besides 300 of our students, 16 Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) members, the 4 special guests, Commune Chief, village chiefs, approximately 450 people  attended the Christmas celebration held on 25th Dec morning followed by lunch.

On the 25th evening, Movie Night, video on Noah was screened. Approximately 200 villagers watched this movie on Noah in the  Khmer language on Christmas evening.

Thanks to PKH Chbarmon, who had rendered us so much support. ”




Hope to see you this year!

Regards, PKHCambodia