Aaron (front row, first on the left) in photo with fellow PKH graduates

Hello, my name is Aaron (Neov Sarath). I am 23 years old now. I am from Kampong Thom Province . I have two brothers and six sisters . I am the last child in my family.

My father passed away before I had the chance to study at PKH Centre. Before I came to study at PKH Centre, I never could have money like U$20 in my pocket. After I finished my first year studying English at PKH Centre, I got the chance to do part time work in the hotels helping in big functions like weddings and company parties.

I started to get some allowance money for each part time work at the hotels. I was very happy and then I decided to continue to study Hospitality course with teacher Susan.

After I finished learning Hospitality course , teacher brought us to the hotel for interview. I passed the interview but I was rejected because I failed my medical test. This is the first time I went for a medical check and then I understand why I cannot be accepted to work in the hotel that had accepted me earlier.

But I thank God teacher brought me to Dara Airport Hotel and I was able to work there as a Spa Attendant under Housekeeping department.

Aaron (front row, first on the left) in photo with fellow PKH graduates.
Now I am working on a cruise boat as a waiter and it is already been one year I am very happy that I could save more money to support myself and my family. After I finished one year on the boat, my mother was suddenly sick.

She had to go to a hospital in Phnom Penh for a heart operation. I am very thankful to God that I have money for her operation as all my siblings do not have any money for her operation which was U$3000.

I am saying the truth and that is if I did not come to study at PKH Centre, I don’t know how my life will be. Now I can say the man who never thought he could have money like U$20 in his pocket now can have more than that and he could fly to other country that he never imagine he could before.

Thank you Lord ! PKH Centre is a school that gives us a hope and good future. I love PKH centre and teachers.

Aaron (Neov Sarath)
Cruise Boat Waiter
September 2014