Project Khmer H.O.P.E. December 2017 Update

Dear Friends,

We are grateful for your continuing support towards the work of PKH; thank you very much.

Enclosed are an information brochure and an update giving the highlights of our work in 2017.

PKH’s residential vocational training was streamlined for more effective ministry to 148 youths. Training for Hospitality Services was conducted at the Centre in Chbarmon, while that for Industrial Skills took place at the Centre in Aoral.

At the Centre in Trang, a pilot vegetables farming project was started. “Farming God’s Way”, an international non profit organisation which helps poor communities to acquire skills in farming, led us in this work and the initial results of the project (much improved crops and harvests) are very encouraging. In the near future, PKH hopes to share this knowledge with villagers in the Tropengchou Commune.

In this update, we tell a short story of a former PKH graduate, Chhoun Udom, to show your support towards PKH brings improvements to the lives of the poor.  We trust that you will be encouraged by his testimony.

Thank you for helping the poor in Cambodia, and may God bless you, always.

Wishing you a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Yours sincerely,
Bessie Lee